Departmental Seminars:

Mathematics Department, University of Arkansas (November 2018): Seminar Inter-disciplinary importance in Statistics and Biological Sciences through my research on scrubland birds in Eastern Ghats of India.

Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History (December 2016): Seminar on ecology and conservation of scrubland birds in Eastern Ghats of India.

Rishi Valley School (April 2015): Seminar on Ecology of local Herpetofauna.

Invited Talks:

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Spring 2020): A lecture on cellular respiration.

Wildlife Society, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (January 2018): Seminar on the ecology of scrubland birds of Eastern Ghats of India.

Rishi Valley School (April – November 2016): Workshop series on human-snake conflict management and safety practices.


Student Conference on Conservation Science- New York (October 2018): Land Change and Land Use pattern in Scrub forests of the Eastern Ghats in India.

INBRE Conference (October 2018): Snake venom protein families and its biomedical application.

International Ornithological Congress (August 2018): Habitat Quantification of Shrubland birds in Eastern Ghats of India.

Sigma Xi, St. Louis Missouri (May 2018): Quantifying Foraging Habitat Characteristics of Shrubland Bird Communities in Eastern Ghats of India.

INBRE Conference (October 2014): Stopover foraging ecology of Swainson’s Thrush.