I am a Conservation/Tropical Biologist who loves to study Community Ecology. For my Ph.D., I studied community of Scrubland Birds in Eastern Ghats of India. By understanding the foraging and nesting habitat usage, niche separation and overlap, I quantify habitat requirements for Scrubland Birds.

To develop effective wildlife management practices and conservation measures, I also study the socio-economic structure of the indigenous people and their interaction with neighboring forests.

I am a Civil Engineer turned Biologist who is passionate about Ecology. I aim at gaining a deeper understanding of interactions between various taxa and using this knowledge for developing conservation measures keeping the indigenous people in context.

I am also a passionate teacher and have particular liking to involve undergraduates in hands-on research so that they would get a deeper understanding of science and society. Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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I have worked with various taxa and in various regions. I started my wildlife career by study prey-predator population dynamics using Tigers as model organism. I then went on to study Crocodiles, Snakes, Birds, Antelopes. I have conducted field work in Himalayas, Deciduous, Scrub, Pine and Rain Forests. Worked in Old World tropics, Neotropical and New World Temperate Forests. You can call me Ornithologist or Herpetologist or Mammalogist or Tropical Biologist or Conservation Biologist or Community/Population Ecologist. I love statistics and GIS. Ecology (Population/Community) + Socio-economic dimension + Land Use Land Cover = Effective Conservation


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